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per 100 gm

Grains, quinoa, dry 630.4 mg
Beets, canned, drained solids 255.5 mg
Beets, canned, solids and liquid 228.1 mg
Bread, whole wheat, commercial 226.7 mg
Grains, rye 146.1 mg
Pasta, spaghetti, enriched, dry 142.4 mg
Pasta, macaroni (elbow), enriched, dry 142.4 mg
Pasta, egg noodles, enriched, dry 131.7 mg
Pasta, egg noodles, unenriched, dry 131.7 mg
Beet, raw 128.7 mg
Spinach, frozen, unprepared 117.4 mg
Grains, kamut, uncooked 113.0 mg
Spinach, frozen, boiled, drained 112.0 mg
Spinach, frozen, boiled, drained, with s 112.0 mg
Spinach, raw 102.6 mg
Fast foods, sandwich, fish w/ tartar sauce and cheese 98.2 mg
Spinach, boiled, drained, with salt 89.0 mg
Spinach, boiled, drained 89.0 mg
Grains, bulgur, cooked 83.4 mg
Spinach, canned, drained solids, unsalted 83.2 mg

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