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Choline, Total

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per 100 gm

Chickpeas (garbanzo beans, bengal gram), boiled 4208.0 mg
Egg, chicken, yolk, dried 1388.3 mg
Egg, chicken, dried, whole 1007.2 mg
Egg, chicken, yolk, fresh or frozen, raw 682.3 mg
Beef, kidney, simmered 513.2 mg
Beef, brain, simmered 490.9 mg
Caviar, black and red, granular 490.9 mg
Pork, intestine (chitterlings), simmered 471.0 mg
Beef, liver, braised 426.0 mg
Beef, liver, pan-fried 418.2 mg
Veal, liver, pan-fried 411.0 mg
Salad dressing, french, commercial, regular 406.0 mg
Veal, liver, braised 398.9 mg
Vegetable oil, soybean lecithin 350.0 mg
Roe, mixed species, raw 335.4 mg
Beef, liver, raw 333.3 mg
Chicken, liver, all classes, cooked, pan-fried 326.8 mg
Veal, liver, raw 310.0 mg
Cod (scrod), atlantic, dried and salted 291.3 mg
Chicken, broiler, liver, simmered 290.0 mg

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