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Alpha Carotene

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per 100 gm

Carrot, dehydrated 14251 g
Pepper, sweet, red, freeze-dried 6931 g
Pumpkin, canned 4795 g
Carrot juice, canned 4342 g
Carrot, boiled, drained 3776 g
Carrot, boiled, drained, with salt 3776 g
Carrot, baby, raw 3767 g
Carrot, frozen, boiled, drained, with salt 3716 g
Carrot, frozen, boiled, drained 3716 g
Carrot, raw 3477 g
Carrot, frozen, unprepared 2958 g
Soup, cream, vegetable, dehydrated 2820 g
Carrot, canned, drained solids 2743 g
Carrot, canned, solids ans liquid, unsalted 2743 g
Carrot, canned, drained solids, unsalted 2743 g
Carrot, canned, solids and liquid 2692 g
Vegetables, mixed, canned, drained solids 2636 g
Vegetables, mixed, canned, unsalted 2636 g
Spices, chili powder 2090 g
Peas and carrots, frozen, boiled, drained 1868 g

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