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per 100 gm

Shortening, special purpose, cake and icing (frosting) 16.68 mg
Shortening, institutional, composite 16.68 mg
Shortening, household, composite 16.68 mg
Shortening, special purpose, baking 16.68 mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, commercial, regular 7.54 mg
Margarine-like spread, tub or bottle, vegetable oil, 60%fat 6.92 mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, reduced fat 6.79 mg
Margarine, tub, composite 6.65 mg
Snacks, popcorn, microwave, butter flavour 5.95 mg
Cracker, standard snack-type 4.07 mg
Soybeans, green (edamame), frozen, prepared 3.57 mg
Cookie, chocolate sandwich, extra cream filling 3.27 mg
Candies, caramels, chocolate flavour roll 3.18 mg
Soybeans, green (edamame), frozen, unprepared 3.04 mg
Fast foods, miniature cinnamon rolls 3.01 mg
Soy flour, low fat 2.61 mg
Cracker, wheat 2.57 mg
Vegetable oil, mustard 2.47 mg
Raspberry, wild, raw 2.40 mg
Pepper, sweet, red, sauteed 2.35 mg

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