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per 100 gm

Sweets, gelatin, dry powder, unsweetened 8.009 g
Snacks, pork skins, plain 5.811 g
Snacks, pork skins, barbecue 5.472 g
Egg, chicken, white, spray dried, powder 5.313 g
Egg, chicken, white, pan dried, flakes 4.960 g
Egg, chicken, white, dried 4.684 g
Seaweed, spirulina, dried 4.515 g
Seaweed, dulse (laver, nori), dried 4.058 g
Cod (scrod), atlantic, dried and salted 3.799 g
Soy protein isolate (prepared with potassium) 3.589 g
Soy protein isolate (prepared with sodium) 3.589 g
Smelt, dried 3.520 g
Mollusks, whelk, unspecified, boiled or steamed 3.113 g
Egg, chicken, dried, whole, stabilized 2.813 g
Soy protein concentrate (prepared with acid and water wash) 2.677 g
Soy protein concentrate (prepared with alcohol) 2.677 g
Egg, chicken, dried, whole 2.636 g
Seeds, sesame flour, low fat 2.620 g
Pork, cured, bacon, cooked, microwaved 2.471 g
Beef, hip, eye of round steak, -bone, lean, cooked, brsd 2.467 g

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