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Beta Carotene

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per 100 gm

Pepper, sweet, red, freeze-dried 42891 g
Chives, freeze-dried 40980 g
Parsley, freeze-dried 37944 g
Sweet potato, flour 36035 g
Carrot, dehydrated 33954 g
Shallot, freeze-dried 33658 g
Spices, paprika 27679 g
Spices, pepper, red or cayenne 21840 g
Pepper, pasilla, dried 21456 g
Seaweed, dulse (laver, nori), dried 19456 g
Grape leaves (vine leaves), raw 16194 g
Spices, chili powder 15000 g
Pepper, red, hot chili, sun-dried 14844 g
Snacks, sweet potato chips 14204 g
Babyfood, vegetables, carrots, beginner, heinz 13011 g
Babyfood, vegetables, carrots, junior, heinz 13011 g
Sweet potato, frozen, baked 12498 g
Pepper, ancho, dried 12262 g
Sweet potato, baked, skin removed after baking, with salt 11509 g
Sweet potato, baked, skin removed after baking 11509 g

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