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per 100 gm

Veal, liver, pan-fried 15.050 mg
Veal, liver, braised 14.940 mg
Beef, liver, pan-fried 14.588 mg
Beef, liver, braised 14.283 mg
Willow, native, young leaves, chopped 12.000 mg
Veal, liver, raw 11.865 mg
Lamb, liver, pan-fried 9.830 mg
Beef, liver, raw 9.755 mg
Mollusks,oyster,eastern (blue point),wild,boiled or steamed 7.569 mg
Goose, domesticated, liver, raw 7.522 mg
Lamb, liver, braised 7.074 mg
Lamb, liver, raw 6.979 mg
Seaweed, spirulina, dried 6.100 mg
Duck, domesticated, liver, raw 5.962 mg
Mushroom, shiitake, dried 5.165 mg
Jew's ear (cloud or wood ear, pepeao), dried 5.070 mg
Mollusks, oyster, eastern (blue point), wild, cnd, sol & liq 4.461 mg
Mollusks, oyster, eastern (blue point), wild, raw 4.452 mg
Mollusks,oyster,eastern (blue point),wild,breaded and fried 4.294 mg
Seeds, sesame butter, from whole seed, paste 4.214 mg

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