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per 100 gm

Tea, instant, unsweetened, powder 3680 mg
Coffee, instant, regular, powder 3142 mg
Tea, instant, unsweetened, lemon flavour, powder 2066 mg
Coffee, instant, with chicory, powder 2063 mg
Coffee, instant, powder, half the caffeine 1571 mg
Candies, dark chocolate coated coffee beans 839 mg
Candies, milk chocolate coated coffee beans 800 mg
Coffee, instant, mocha,powder, w/ whitener, low cal sweet 476 mg
Coffee, instant, with sugar, mocha flavour, powder 360 mg
Coffee, instant, with sugar, cappuccino flavour, powder 302 mg
Coffee, instant, with sugar, french flavour, powder 246 mg
Sweets, cocoa, powder, unsweetened 230 mg
Coffee, brewed, espresso, restaurant-prepared 212 mg
Hot chocolate, cocoa, dry pdr, high fat/breakfast, plain 197 mg
Tea, instant, unsweetened, powder, decaffeinated 169 mg
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder 122 mg
Candies, chocolate, dark, 60-69% cacao solids 86 mg
Candies, chocolate, dark, 70-85% cacao solids 80 mg
Sweets, baking chocolate, unsweetened, square 80 mg
Sweets, cocoa, powder, unsweetened, dutch process 78 mg

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