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per 100 gm

Salt, table 99.800 g
Dessert, rennin, tablets, unsweetened 72.500 g
Leavening agent, baking powder, continuous action 72.300 g
Leavening agent, baking powder, double acting, phosphate 71.800 g
Leavening agent, baking pdr, double-acting, na, al sulfate 67.300 g
Soup, consomme with gelatin, dehydrated 65.800 g
Soup, broth, beef, cubed, dehydrated 59.300 g
Soup, broth, chicken, cubed, dehydrated 54.700 g
Soup, broth, chicken, broth, dehydrated 49.180 g
Soup, broth, beef, dehydrated 48.220 g
Leavening agent, baking powder, low-sodium 46.400 g
Seasoning mix, taco, dry mix 38.010 g
Leavening agent, baking soda 36.900 g
Leavening agent, cream of tartar 36.800 g
Sauce, adobo fresco 36.400 g
Seaweed, dulse (laver, nori), dried 31.854 g
Gravy, au jus, dehydrated 30.940 g
Jellyfish, dried,salted 25.100 g
Yeast extract spread 23.400 g
Soup, onion, dehydrated 23.310 g

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