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per 100 gm

Sweets, sugars, fructose, powder 100.00 g
Sweets, sugars, granulated 99.98 g
Sweets, turbinado 99.80 g
Sweets, sugars, icing (powdered) 99.77 g
Strawberry flavour mix, powder 99.10 g
Dessert, rennin, vanilla, dry mix, unprepared 99.00 g
Drink, orange flavour, vitamin c added, powder 98.94 g
Candies, gumdrops 98.90 g
Drink, apple cider flavour, powder, add vitamin c & sugar 98.80 g
Candies, hard, sorbitol sweetened 98.60 g
Tea, instant, swtnd, lemon flvr, powder, decaffeinated 98.55 g
Tea, instant, sweetened, lemon flavour, powder 98.55 g
Sweets, sugars, brown 98.09 g
Candies, hard 98.00 g
Drink, fruit punch flavour, vitamin c added, powder 97.70 g
Drink, fruit punch flavour, powder 97.70 g
Drink, lemonade flavour, powder 97.57 g
Alcoholic, cocktail, whisky sour mix, powder 97.30 g
Lemonade, powder (with lemon juice) 97.23 g
Sweets, sugars, brown, contains sugar and sucralose 97.11 g

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