Mark Fraser

Analytical / Creative / Organized

  • 15+ years of experience in design and development for software and websites
  • Designed, developed and maintained software, e-commerce and brochure websites for businesses from a wide variety of industry sectors
  • Proven initiative, able to maintain high standards of service without supervision
  • Able to explain complex ideas in plain language
  • Skills include: Software and website development using Apache Tomcat, Java, JSP, Servlets, MVC architecture, Struts, Frontman, XML, JAXB, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (JQuery), responsive design, object oriented analysis and design, and technical documentation

Software Development

Led the development of a browser based user interface using J2EE architecture for a large-scale online credit application system.

  • Complied with ISO 9001 software development documentation procedures
  • Developed the Software Definition Document for specification of the user interface event behavior and logical presentation of information
  • Developed event flow diagrams for accurate representation of business processes
  • Prototyped and implemented the user interface using a combination of JSP and JavaScript
  • Conducted usability studies and design reviews with client staff
  • Instructed designers and developers for knowledge transfer of browser design principles and techniques

Contracted as a graphical user interface (GUI) design specialist for the redevelopment of a character based portfolio management application for fund managers into a thick client 3-tier web application

  • Complied with ISO 9001 software development documentation procedures
  • Developed the System Requirements Specification for GUI component behavior
  • Developed the Software Definition Document for the specification of GUI events and logical presentation of information
  • Performed object oriented analysis for client side data objects and GUI control systems
  • Developed the prototype user interface using XwingML to script Java Swing classes and custom components

Web Development / Content Authoring

Consulted with clients on layout, flow and overall user experience for websites, balancing visual aesthetics, time on task and accessible design principles (older browsers)

  • Worked to ensure a consistent look and feel in physical and digital content by collaborating with design specialists
  • Able to create / extend functionality of websites using industry standard products and protocols such as Java, JSP, JavaScript (JQuery), HTML5 and CSS3
  • Designed and developed custom commission tracking software for real estate agents
  • Performed Business Analysis to establish required processes and cash flows
  • Designed and developed custom shopping cart for e-commerce
  • Integrated PayPal, UPS and Canada Post web services
  • Achieved first page placement for Google search results on select search terms (SEO)
  • Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to develop web site content
  • Provided quality control testing and troubleshooting services on finished work, ensuring the user experience is consistent on popular platforms and browsers

Work History

Web Developer
mcf systems + productions
Paterson GlobalFoods Inc.
Software Developer
National Leasing Group
Software Developer (contract)
Technology Analyst
Rescom Ventures


Microcomputer Business Network Analyst
Red River College
Electronic Engineering Technology
Red River College

Professional Development

Advanced Java Programming
University of Winnipeg
Entrepreneurial Business Development
The Management Exchange Inc.


Agape Table

“Work to become, not to acquire.”


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